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Syrian Factions Prepare for Astana Talks, Trump’s Cabinet Discusses Middle East Policy, U.S. Senators Propose Bill in Response to U.N. Vote

Syria’s rebels will attend the Russian-backed peace talks and the Trump administration has an open invitation, Trump’s cabinet picks testified about their Middle East policies at confirmation hearings, and Sens. Graham and Cruz have a terrible plan to undo the U.S. abstention on the U.N. Israel resolution.

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Why Rex Tillerson Was Right Not to Label Putin a War Criminal Before Reviewing the Facts and the Law

Former Ambassador-at-large for War Crimes Pierre Prosper and I have authored an op-ed explaining why Rex Tillerson was right not to have accepted Senator Rubio's invitation to label Vladimir Putin a war criminal for Russian offenses in Syria before Tillerson has taken office and examined the facts.

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Creating Insecurity

In the middle of the inauguration, with 5,000 members of the DC National Guard deployed on duty, someone (who?) has decided that the right move is to fire the Commanding General of the Guard.  That's correct.  According to the Washington Post, as of 12:01 PM on January 20, Maj. Gen. Errol R.

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