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More ISIL Cases: A Cop Gets Arrested and an Ohio Man Pleads Guilty

This week, the FBI arrested a 36-year-old transit police officer on charges of attempting to provide material support to ISIL. Meanwhile, earlier in the week and halfway across the country in a federal court in the Southern District of Ohio, 22 year-old Christopher Cornell pleaded guilty to trying to kill government employees.


Material Support for Terrorism: Florida Crew

Last Thursday in the Southern District of Florida, three men from Palm Beach County were charged via complaint with material support to terrorism. While the complaint follows a fairly routine narrative, the story of how the three came to be charged with material support is also fairly unique when considered in the context of recent complaints.


Omnibus Bill Creates One Billion Dollar Fund for Victims of Terrorism (and allows up to $250 million to go to their attorneys)

The recently signed Omnibus creates the United States Victims of State Sponsors of Terrorism Fund. It allows victims' attorneys to collect a $250 million dollar windfall, a surprising earmark from a Republican-controlled Congress.

Terrorism Trials & Investigations

Another Arrest of a U.S. Citizen Allegedly Inspired by ISIL to Plot an Attack

The episode tends to illustrate the inevitable tension between ensuring an early-enough intervention to prevent harm and a variety of costs—including lost opportunities for gathering intelligence and building up the prosecution's case, among other things. 

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