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Announcing the Results of the 2015 Bobby R. Inman Award Competition (for student research and writing on intelligence)

I am happy to report the results of the 2015 Bobby R. Inman Awardcompetition for student research and writing on intelligence, sponsored by the Intelligence Studies Project at the University of Texas at Austin.


Disappearing “Legal Black Holes”

Historically there were significant “legal black holes” in both U.S. law and international law—persons, places or contexts which were not protected by the law or courts. But since about the mid-twentieth century, and accelerating recently, this has changed. Legal black holes are closing, and foreign affairs and national security are less likely to be treated as legal domains distinct from ordinary law and judicial review. 


New Issue of Harvard National Security Journal

The Harvard National Security Journal’s spring issue, published last week, may be of interest to readers of Lawfare.  It has four major articles.   Antonia Chayes previews her forthcoming book, Borderless Wars: Civil Military Disorder and Legal Uncertainty, with an article on legal indeterminacy and ambiguity in cyber attacks. Robert Sloane offers “modest reflections on

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