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Documents: Gates Superseding Criminal Information, Statement of Offense, Plea Agreement

On Friday, the special counsel returned the following superseding criminal information in the case against Richard Gates. Gates entered into a plea agreement on Friday afternoon; a statement of offense and plea agreement are below.

Criminal Information

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Documents: Alex Van Der Zwaan Information, Statement of Offense, and Plea Agreement

On Tuesday morning, the special counsel filed the following criminal information document in D.C. federal district court. The document describes false statements made by Alex van der Zwaan. After a plea hearing on Tuesday afternoon, the special counsel's office released a statement of offense and plea agreement for van der Zwaan.

Cybersecurity and Deterrence

Indicting Hackers Made China Behave, But Russia Will Be Harder

The closest analogy for Mueller’s decision to charge the Russian trolls is probably the May 2014 indictment in United States v. Wang Dong, in which officers of a special unit of the Chinese People's Liberation Army were accused of hacking U.S. companies to steal intellectual property. 

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