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Putin in Syria, 2017

Now that he has established a firm foothold in Syria following 18 months of direct military intervention, Russia’s strongman, Vladimir Putin, has to politically safeguard his gains in order to ensure their long-term consolidation and present the world with a fait accompli.

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I’m No Fan of RT, But I’m Even Less of a Fan of the Intelligence Community Playing Media Critic

No less than Trump’s diatribes about “the dishonest media,” the intelligence agencies' examination of RT in their report on Russian election interference serves to remind us that media criticism isn’t a job for the federal government.

The Russia Connection

The DNC Hack Demonstrates the Need for Cyber-Specific Deterrents

The United States' seemingly insufficient reaction may have been informed by international law; the United States might have responded to the DNC hack as it did because international law did not permit it to do more. Limited state recourse to escalatory self-help measures is a feature of the modern international legal order—but, as the DNC hack, Sony hack, and growing number of similar cyber-enabled interferences demonstrate, in cyberspace this feature may have become a bug. 

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