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Rational Security: The "Russian Chokehold" Edition

The gang is back after a week off for foreign travel. Barack Obama may not have responded forcefully enough to Russian meddling, but is President Trump responding at all? A diplomatic crisis in the Gulf is the first major test for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. And the Supreme Court agrees to take up Trump’s travel ban. Plus, Susan has found the Italian loophole in aviation security, and it’s delicious. I have found a new source of power. And Tamara has a video you should watch.


Rational Security: Jeff Sessions Testifies

Attorney General Jeff Sessions testifies before the Senate Intelligence Committee about his contacts with Russia. New information shows that thirty-nine states were targeted by Russian hackers during the 2016 election. And President Trump gives the military authority to ramp the number of troops in Afghanistan. Plus, my long-time alter ego, Benjamin Sittes, makes an appearance on the show. And the gang says thanks to our super fans.


Rational Security: The "Door By the Grandfather Clock" Edition

It’s been a huge two days for news on the Trump/Russia/Comey front. We round it up. There’s a new crisis in the Persian Gulf.  And just when you thought it was safe to go back to the polls, there are new revelations of Russia targeting the elections system. Plus, Trump has nominated a new FBI director. Who knew? And the gang thanks our many loyal listeners for their boozy generosity.


Rational Security: The "Glowing Orb of Peace" Edition

Donald Trump tours the Middle East and insists peace is within reach. Robert Mueller is tapped as the new special counsel overseeing the Trump-Russia probe. And I talk to to the New York Times. Plus, Tamara is playing dress up with the scotch. Quinta sees a sign of things to come. And I buy a cannon and take out an innocent can of soda.


Rational Security: The "Obi-Wan Comey" Edition

Donald Trump fires FBI Director James Comey. The gang shares their reactions. Then we dig into Rod Rosenstein’s role in Comey’s sudden departure. Finally, what does his dismissal mean for the future of the Russia investigation and the FBI? Plus, Shane is stocking up for end times. Susan is looking up and seeing the writing on the walls. And I have another advanced degree.


Rational Security: The "Intelligence Porn" Edition

FBI Director James Comey says the idea he could have swayed the presidential election makes him “mildly nauseous.” President Trump is reaching out to autocrats and adversaries. Is it paying off? And the NSA reins in some of its surveillance operations. Plus, Shane was walking the red (purple) carpet with the glamorous co-hosts of Rational Security. Quinta directs your attention to a new Lawfare resource page on the Russia Connection. And Susan’s throne has been restored to its rightful place.

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Rational Security: The "SF-86’ed" Edition

Mike Flynn is back in hot water over money he took from foreign sources. The Senate Intelligence Committee is beefing up for a long investigation of Russian meddling in the election. And FBI Director Jim Comey is back in the spotlight again this week amid questions of how he handled the Clinton and Trump investigations. Plus, a most excellent listener sends us a most excellent present. And Quinta contemplates the president’s two Twitter accounts.


Rational Security: The "Vinson Lose Some" Edition

North Korea’s missile launch fizzles, but the ripples spread far and wide. CIA Director Mike Pompeo calls WikiLeaks a hostile intelligence service. And does the Globalist/Nationalist war in the White House really matter in the absence of a coherent foreign policy? Plus, Susan has been blocked by Dr. Gorka. Tamara remembers the Oklahoma City bombing. And Shane knows if you’re lying.

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