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Rational Security: The "Guns and Smoke" Edition

The first signs of potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia emerge. State Department employees say they’re uncertain about the future of their work under the Trump administration. And the president is facing a crisis in North Korea as he prepares to meet with world leaders, including Vladimir Putin. Plus,Shane thinks the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court can solve all kinds of problems. And I draw up a target list for #BabyCannon.


The Lawfare Podcast, Special Edition: Shane Harris on The Wall Street Journal's Collusion Story

Today, the Wall Street Journal published a remarkable story that for the first time offers concrete evidence—not conclusive evidence, to be sure—of attempts at collusion between people connected to the Trump campaign and Russian operatives. The story opens:


Rational Security: The "Russian Chokehold" Edition

The gang is back after a week off for foreign travel. Barack Obama may not have responded forcefully enough to Russian meddling, but is President Trump responding at all? A diplomatic crisis in the Gulf is the first major test for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. And the Supreme Court agrees to take up Trump’s travel ban. Plus, Susan has found the Italian loophole in aviation security, and it’s delicious. I have found a new source of power. And Tamara has a video you should watch.


The National Security Law Podcast: So Much National Security Law News…We’ve Reached Our Limitrophe

Had you seen the word “limitrophe” before Justice Breyer used it in his dissent in Herndandez v. Mesa? Neither had Professors Vladeck and Chesney, but that doesn’t stop them from exploring the Supreme Court’s action in that cross-border shooting case, with its implications for Bivens, qualified immunity, and the extraterritorial application of the Fourth Amendment.  Nor does Travel Ban fatigue stop them from unpacking all the details in Trump v.

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