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Lawfare currently hosts four podcasts, one produced by our staff (The Lawfare Podcast), and three produced independently (Rational SecuritySteptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, and The Jihadology Podcast). On this page, you can browse and listen to all of the podcasts we host. 

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The Lawfare Podcast

The Lawfare Podcast: A Conversation on Targeting Americans with H. Jefferson Powell

Four years ago, Anwar al Awlaki—an American citizen—was killed in an American drone strike in Yemen, marking the first targeted killing of a U.S. citizen by the U.S. government. While the attack occurred almost four years ago, the legality, morality and prudential nature of the strike remains a subject of much debate. 

Rational Security

Rational Security: The "When the Cat's Away" Edition

Tamara and Susan are both away, so Shane and I were on our own for this week's episode. The result? Scotch at noon, of course.

An EgyptAir jet crashes en route from Paris to Cairo, immediately sparking fears of terrorism. Hackers are targeting the presidential candidates’ campaigns. And the intelligence community may scrutinize social media accounts of people applying for security clearances. Plus, we do an Ask Us Anything on Twitter and people actually send in questions—which we address on the show. 

The Lawfare Podcast

The Lawfare Podcast: A Conversation on Global Intelligence Oversight with Sam Rascoff and Zach Goldman

This week on the show, Zachary Goldman and Samuel Rascoff of the NYU Center on Law and Security come on the show to discuss their new edited volume, Global Intelligence Oversight: Governing Security in the Twentry-First Century

Rational Security

Rational Security: The "Creeps and Liars Edition"

On this weeks's episode, we discuss Brookings's new study on “sextortion.” Also, is a profile of presidential adviser Ben Rhodes a puff piece or a clever hit job? And president Obama faces a lawsuit over war powers from an unlikely source. Plus, what happened when I tried to buy some Facebook adverising for last week's episode?


The Lawfare Podcast: Intel Security's Chris Young on Cybersecurity and a Debate on Using Data to Protect Data

Earlier this month, Lawfare held a lunch event in partnership with Intel Security, the Hoover Institution, and the Center for Democracy and Technology on whether Big Data analytics are merely a privacy threat or whether data can also be used to protect data. The event consisted of a speech by Chris Young, general manager of Intel Security, on the current cybersecurity landscape and the way Intel Security seeks to use data to protect privacy. We then held a panel discussion debating whether and how data can be used to protect data and what the implications of that approach are.

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