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Lawfare currently hosts four podcasts, one produced by our staff (The Lawfare Podcast), and three produced independently (Rational SecuritySteptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, and The Jihadology Podcast). On this page, you can browse and listen to all of the podcasts we host. 

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Rational Security

Rational Security: The “How Many Saudis Would You Sue if You Could Sue Saudis?” Edition

Lawmakers want to give families of the 9/11 victims the power to sue Saudi government officials, but the Obama administration says that’s a terrible idea. Syrian peace talks are in jeopardy of falling apart, but a ceasefire seems to be offering some reprieve. And Facebook swears it won’t try to rig the presidential election against Donald Trump. Plus, Shane high-fives 60 Minutes on SS7. And Susan's gonna map war.

The Lawfare Podcast

The Lawfare Podcast: Daniel Weitzner and Benjamin Wittes on Going Dark and the Fallout from Apple v. FBI

Last week on a panel at the IAPP Global Privacy Summit in Washington D.C., Lawfare's Editor-in-Chief Ben Wittes and MIT's Daniel Weitzner discussed the fallout from the battle between Apple and the FBI and what is likely to come of the Going Dark debate. 

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