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The National Security Law Podcast: Is It Treason Not to Clap for this Podcast?

Sorry that football season is over? Lucky for you, the National Security Law Podcast has no offseason!  And lucky for your co-hosts, the world keeps generating new topics for conversation and debate. This week, Professors Vladeck and Chesney cover four main topics:


The National Security Law Podcast: Trump Derangement Syndrome or a Distraction from the Forever War?

Merry New Year!

2018 is underway, but in today’s episode we are looking back at 2017. More specifically, we are looking back to predictions made in early 2017 regarding the changes President Donald Trump surely would be making to certain executive orders and presidential directives relating to national security. How did those predictions turn out? It’s complicated. Tune in to find out what has and has not happened, and why, as we consider the fate of five key documents:

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