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The NSL Podcast is a weekly review of the latest legal controversies associated with the U.S. government’s national security activities and institutions, featuring Professors Bobby Chesney and Steve Vladeck of the University of Texas at Austin.  They bring different perspectives to these issues, but always in a friendly spirit. The program is fast-paced but detail-rich, and is meant for lawyers and non-lawyers alike.  If you’ve been looking for a thoughtful yet enjoyable way to keep up with and better understand these issues, this is the show for you.

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The National Security Law Podcast: Trump Derangement Syndrome or a Distraction from the Forever War?

Merry New Year!

2018 is underway, but in today’s episode we are looking back at 2017. More specifically, we are looking back to predictions made in early 2017 regarding the changes President Donald Trump surely would be making to certain executive orders and presidential directives relating to national security. How did those predictions turn out? It’s complicated. Tune in to find out what has and has not happened, and why, as we consider the fate of five key documents:


The National Security Law Podcast: The Big Chill

Are your other podcasts letting you down by taking a holiday break? Never fear, the National Security Law Podcast is here! With two hosts who would much rather be podcasting than grading exams, you are assured of an uninterrupted holiday stream of national security legal analysis, not to mention ill-informed takes on movie soundtracks. Seems your hosts may have been in the eggnog a bit early this year. But nevermind that, let’s get to the overview of what episode 50 has to offer:


The National Security Law Podcast: Donuts and Depth Charges

And … they’re back! Fresh off of Thanksgiving, Professors Chesney and Vladeck are (all too) fired up to discuss the latest national security law news (not to mention a bunch of stuff that just isn’t relevant to this (or any decent) podcast). This week some familiar storylines resume, and a few new ones appear.

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