The National Security Law Podcast

The NSL Podcast is a weekly review of the latest legal controversies associated with the U.S. government’s national security activities and institutions, featuring Professors Bobby Chesney and Steve Vladeck of the University of Texas at Austin.  They bring different perspectives to these issues, but always in a friendly spirit. The program is fast-paced but detail-rich, and is meant for lawyers and non-lawyers alike.  If you’ve been looking for a thoughtful yet enjoyable way to keep up with and better understand these issues, this is the show for you.

Latest in The National Security Law Podcast

The National Security Law Podcast

The National Security Law Podcast, Episode 14: Potential Assange Charges, and More From Some Island in the Pacific

[Note: we are working to sort out a challenge with the embed code, so for now we are simply linking to the NSL Podcast home page.  For Episode 14, please just click here.]

The National Security Law Podcast

The National Security Law Podcast: Episode 7

We are happy to report that Episode 7 of the National Security Law Podcast ("The Less Prep the Better") has just gone live.  In about 42 minutes, we discuss:

- the Trump allegation about being wiretapped

- the Trump allegation about GTMO recidivism (and the Spicer follow-up about just when judges got involved in ordering GTMO releases)


Episode 2 of the National Security Law Podcast: Immigration Constraints, Ground Ops in Yemen...

Still no music, but Steve Vladeck and I have posted Episode 2 of our new National Security Law Podcast, “If You Thought That Last Executive Order Was Controversial…”

In it, we discuss President Trump’s new Executive Order on immigration, last weekend’s use of military force in Yemen, and . . . our predictions for the Super Bowl and President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court (we recorded yesterday afternoon; Steve's predictions are better than mine, it turns out).

The National Security Law Podcast

Introducing UT's National Security Law Podcast

The world probably does not need another podcast, but it’s getting one anyway… As many of you already know, my friend Steve Vladeck joined me on the faculty at UT-Austin this past fall. We’re coteaching this spring, and even before that we were spending quite a bit of time in conversation about the latest developments in the field of national security law. Not surprisingly, we find that we agree on some things but not others, and also that we have a fun time sorting it all out. Well, now we’ve convinced ourselves that some of you might enjoy hearing how these conversations go.

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