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The Lawfare Podcast: Lisa Monaco and Wayne Williams on Protecting the 2018 Election

On April 10, at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation’s Verify conference, Eric Rosenbach, co-head of the Belfer Center at Harvard, moderated a conversation on election security between Lisa Monaco, who was most recently the homeland security adviser to president Obama, and Wayne Williams, the secretary of state of Colorado. They talked about frameworks for addressing election security, how states can team up with the federal government, and how to handle foreign information operations.


The Lawfare Podcast: Bobby Chesney and Scott Anderson on the Corker-Kaine AUMF

Last week, Sens. Bob Corker and Tim Kaine introduced a proposal to reshape the legal authorization for U.S. counterterrorism operations abroad. On Thursday, Susan Hennessey sat down with Bobby Chesney, co-founder of Lawfare and professor at the University of Texas at Austin School of Law, and Scott Anderson, Lawfare senior editor and former State Department lawyer, to talk about the proposal. They discussed the current status of the authorization for use of force, what the new proposal says, and it’s prospects in this Congress. 


The Lawfare Podcast: Toomas Ilves on the Situation

Before the American president took to Twitter, Estonia’s president, Toomas Ilves, had used the social media platform to communicate with his country. President Ilves was the head of state of Estonia from 2006–2016, when he oversaw the launch of the country’s e-residency system and handled massive Russian cyberattacks. On Tuesday at Stanford University, Megan Reiss and Benjamin Wittes sat down with President Ilves for a conversation about Ilves’s use of Twitter as president, election interference, the digitization of Estonia, and cybersecurity cooperation.


The Lawfare Podcast: Tim Maurer on 'Cyber Mercenaries'

The idea of proxy conflict dates to the Cold War and earlier, but Tim Maurer’s new book “Cyber Mercenaries: The State, Hackers, and Power” makes one of the first forays into proxy conflict in cyberspace. Last week, Maurer sat down with Lawfare Editor-in-Chief Benjamin Wittes at the Hoover Book Soiree to talk about the book. They discussed Maurer’s typology of how states like the United States, Syria, Russia and China differ in their use of cyber proxies and the challenges they pose to attribution and accountability.


The Lawfare Podcast: Bobby Chesney, Matt Tait and Steve Vladeck on War, Law and Cyberspace

On Tuesday at the University of Texas at Austin School of Law, the Federalist Society invited Lawfare’s Bobby Chesney, Matt Tait, and Steve Vladeck to talk about legality and warfare in cyberspace. They discussed the technical and legal underpinnings of Russian interference in the 2016 election, ways of responding to Moscow’s behavior, how cyberattacks on domestic infrastructure might blur the line between civilian and military targets, and why the Russians might want to get caught inside U.S.


The Lawfare Podcast: Chimène Keitner on the State Department Before and After #Rexit

Chimène Keitner served as counselor for international law at the State Department under the Obama and Trump administrations. On this week’s podcast, Keitner speaks to Scott Anderson about her experience at the department and the department’s future in the wake of Secretary Rex Tillerson’s departure. 

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