International Law

Kevin Quinn / Ben Balter (background)

More than any other policy area, the conduct of security affairs implicates legal systems beyond our own domestic law. Despite a deep-seated American distrust of international law, a web of international norms, treaties and agreements compels the United States to defend its conduct in terms intelligible to the world at large. As policymakers grapple with issues from cyberwar to targeted killings, legal expertise in international humanitarian law, the law of armed conflict, and a myriad other areas of international law will only become more crucial.


Latest in International Law

Cybersecurity and Deterrence

France's Cyberdefense Strategic Review and International Law

The 2017 French Cyberdefense Strategic Review is a landmark document outlining France’s cyber defense strategy as well as the French approach to international law; it is likely the most comprehensive document on France’s use of international law ever published by the government. 

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