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Hawaii District Court Grants in Part Motion to Modify Scope of Preliminary Injunction in Travel Ban Case

The U.S. District Court for the District of Hawaii has granted in part the plaintiffs' motion to enforce, or, in the alternative, modify the scope of the preliminary injunction in the travel ban case. The motion came before the court in response to the Trump administration's narrow interpretation of the Supreme Court's per curiam order allowing implementation of the ban.

The order is available in full below.


Implementing the Refugee EO: The State Department Should Consider Refugee Agency Assurances as Bona Fide Relationships

​While progress has been made in implementing the Supreme Court’s stay of lower court injunctions of President Trump’s revised refugee executive order (EO), the State Department’s current stance on refugee admissions requires further review. 

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Hawaii Files Emergency Motion to Clarify Scope of Preliminary Injunction in Travel Ban Case

The State of Hawaii has filed an emergency motion to clarify the scope of the preliminary injunction against the Trump administration's travel ban, which was stayed in part by the Supreme Court. At issue are the government's guidelines for implementing the components of the ban against which the injunction has been stayed, which Hawaii contends are inconsistent with the scope of the Court's ruling. The ban is set to go into effect at 8pm Eastern time tonight. 

The motion is available in full below.

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State Department Cable on Implementing Travel Ban Executive Order

Reuters has published the State Department cable providing guidance on the implementation of the administration's revised travel ban, which will go into effect pursuant to restrictions imposed by the Supreme Court at 8pm Eastern time today. The full text of the cable is available below.

Date: June 28, 2017 at 7:57:39 PM EDT



Ninth Circuit Affirms in Part Preliminary Injunction Against Travel Ban in Hawaii v. Trump

The U.S. Court of Appeals of the Ninth Circuit has affirmed in part a preliminary injunction against the Trump administration's revised travel ban issued by a federal district court in Hawaii v. Trump. The circuit court vacated the portions of the injunction that prevent the government from conducting internal reviews and that run against the President personally, but otherwise upheld the district court's ruling. The opinion is available in full below.


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Will the Supreme Court Consider the Risk of Trump’s Post-Ruling Tweets?

Professor Blackman has argued that the Supreme Court will not treat President Trump’s tweets as legally relevant if the Justices abide by the precedents set in Kerry v. Din and Kliendienst v. Mandel. President Trump’s tweetstorm yesterday may make that a much bigger "if." 

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