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Why the "Munaf Sequels" Matter: A Primer on FARRA, REAL ID, and the Role of the Courts in Transfer/Extradition Cases

Yesterday's news out of the Supreme Court may well have obscured another significant detainee-related legal development: As Lyle Denniston has noted over at SCOTUSblog, on Friday, the en banc Ninth Circuit handed down a thoroughly fractured decision in Garcia v.

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Detention in Afghanistan: How Much Control Does the US Still Have?

As both Wells and Ben noted previously, there are renewed signs of interest in the fate of military detention in Afghanistan, in the form of an NPR story by Quil Lawrence and an order that same day from Judge Bates relating to the Afghanistant habeas litigation.  The NPR story is quite interesting, on dimensions pertinent to the attempt to establish habeas for detainees in Afghanistan--though the message it sends is mixed.  On one hand, the story questions whether the transfer

Detention: Operations in Afghanistan

Another Step Toward the End of US Detention Operations in Afghanistan

Transfer of the Detention Facility in Parwan (DFIP) from American to Afghan control has begun.  The first step?  Appointment of Maj. Gen. Faroq Barekzai to command the facility.

To the best of my knowledge, the memorandum of understanding governing this transfer process is not in the public record, and so key details about how this is going to work remain unclear to outsiders.  We do get the following tidbit from DOD's press release, however:

Detention: Proxy Detention

Proxy Detention in Somalia and the Next Front in the Habeas Wars

An article today in The Nation, by Jeremy Scahill, alleges that the CIA operates a proxy detention facility in Mogadishu (the article also alleges a CIA-sponsored training operation for Somali government forces, but treats the allegations of a proxy detention facility as a distinct matter):


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