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Proxy Detention of a U.S. Citizen in Iraq? A Glimpse Into a Murky but Important Category of Detention

A U.S. citizen from Virginia by the name of Mohamad Khweis apparently was held in detention for three months by Kurdish authorities in Iraq, with the U.S. government seemingly exercising considerable control over the situation.


Honoring the Legacy of Mitsuye Endo

Today marks the seventieth anniversary of the closing of the last of the World War II “Relocation Centers” established by the federal government to intern Japanese Americans during the War.  The anniversary constitutes an appropriate occasion to recognize an unsung hero in the movement to close the internment camps: Mitsuye Endo.


ISIS Detainee Transferred from U.S. to Iraqi Custody

A quick update on a story we've been tracking this week, involving the second publicly-known instance of U.S.-administered military detention of an ISIS member.  As noted here, a raid conducted by the Expeditionary Targeting Force last month netted an ISIS member involved with chemical weapons, and fruits from the U.S.-administered interrogation of that detainee appear to have informed some airstrikes on chem-related facilities this week.


Boots on the Ground in Somalia: Acting "By, With, and Through" a Local Partner to Minimize Friction

These days, when the United States plays the lead role in using lethal force or detaining and interrogating prisoners, the force typically involves only airpower and detention-and-interrogation typically are just transient.  This has the effect of tamping down the political, legal, and diplomatic headaches that follow from using boots-on-the-ground to conduct raids and from holding detainees for the long term.  But these are not the only means by which to tamp down those frictions.

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