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One Thing the NDAA Would Have Done, and Might Yet Do: Tweaking the Lethal Ops Oversight Framework

Granted, the NDAA FY'16 has just been vetoed, and there probably aren't enough votes in Congress to override.  But should it be the case that a deal gets worked out on the budget squabble, we may well see a version of it signed into law eventually.  What else is interesting about it, besides the GTMO transfer constraints?


Why the Emphasis on Self-Defense? Putting the U.S. Air and Ground Operations in Kunduz in Legal and Policy Context

The role of U.S. forces in helping the Afghan government retake Kunduz from the Afghan Taliban has drawn attention to the complicated mix of legal and policy constraints currently governing U.S. operations there.  According to the Wall Street Journal, the United States has carried out at least 8 airstrikes in the Kunduz area in recent days, and now there has been an exchange of fire involving U.S.

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