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The Public is Not that Fussed About the Surveillance State: Confidence in the Intelligence Community and its Authorities

The public has confidence in the intelligence community. It’s comfortable with the authorities the IC wields and the privacy protections that bind it. And few respondents believe that current authorities should either lapse or be reformed.

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A Deeper Dive into Confidence in the President and the Military on National Security Matters

The public has great confidence in the military—not so much in ongoing military operations. It has little confidence in the President on national security—and even less on specific national security matters.

Public Opinion

Confidence in Government on National Security Matters: August 2017

Last month we began a polling project to measure the public’s confidence in government on national security matters on an ongoing, consistent basis. The goal is to try to establish a baseline of public opinion of national security on a few key issues, and also to be able to periodically take the public’s pulse on current topics. This second installment of that project allows us to start identifying trends in the four questions that we asked last time.

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