Event Video: "Cybersecurity in the Trump Administration: What Should We Expect?"

By Benjamin Wittes
Friday, March 3, 2017, 9:19 AM

The Hoover Institution has made available video of the event we did at Hoover's DC office with the folks at Intel Security. It was a terrific event, of which we'll be featuring excerpts on this week's Lawfare Podcast. But for those who want to see the whole thing, here are all three sessions. 


Keynote Address: Paying Down the Cybersecurity Debt: Recommendations for the New Administration
Steve Grobman, Chief Technology Officer of Intel Security 


Panel I: What Can We Expect from the Administration?
Jeffrey Eisenach, American Enterprise Institute
Adam Klein, Center for a New American Security
Denise Zheng, Center for Strategic and International Studies
Moderated by: Josh Gerstein, Politico



Panel II: What Can We Expect from Congress?
Brett DeWitt, Staff Director for Cyber Subcommittee (Majority), House Homeland Security Committee
Hope Goins, Chief Counsel for Oversight (Minority), House Homeland Security Committee
Allen Souza, Counsel (Majority), House Intelligence Committee
 Michael Bahar, Staff Director (Minority), House Intelligence Committee
Brett Freedman, Counsel (Minority), Senate Intelligence Committee
Moderated by: Carrie Johnson, National Public Radio