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Rational Security is a weekly roundtable podcast featuring Shane Harris of the Wall Street Journal, Susan Hennessey and Benjamin Wittes of Lawfare and the Brookings Institution, and Tamara Cofman Wittes, who directs the Center for Middle East Policy at Brookings. It's a lively and irreverent discussion of news, ideas, foreign policy, and law. There's always a laugh. Often, there are guests. Sometimes there's even Scotch. A production of Spaghetti on the Wall Productions. You can subscribe here or on iTunes

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Rational Security: The "Lady, You Can Drive Your Car" Edition

The Trump administration issues a new, revised travel ban. Saudi Arabia will allow women to drive. And the president tweets about a missile launch that didn’t happen. Plus, Shane’s reading list got a little longer. Susan and I spend quality time with our awesome fans. And people keep sending us neat stuff.


Rational Security: The “Age of Flynnocence” Edition

Robert Mueller serves warrants in the Russia investigation. Donald Trump makes his first appearance before the UN General Assembly. And Mike Flynn’s work on a private nuclear energy deal raises new questions about conflicts of interest in the Trump administration. Plus, Susan tells you about the worst law ever. Tamara runs a listener survey and Twitter. And guess who also saw Ty Cobb at a Washington restaurant.


Rational Security: The "Boris and Natasha Buy a Facebook Ad" Edition

Facebook confirms that a Russian troll farm bought ads during the 2016 election cycle. Congress pushes back on the Trump administration’s plan to gut foreign aid and the State Department. And Equifax suffers a massive data breach. Plus, Susan invites you to a party. And I shamelessly promote #BabyCannon merch!


Rational Security: The "Hurricane Alley" Edition

President Trump’s lawyers argue that he didn’t obstruct justice when he fired James Comey. UN Ambassador Nikki Haley explains how the US could leave the Iran nuclear deal. And the Homeland Security Department faces one of its greatest tests in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, just as a new storm approaches the Florida coast.


Rational Security: The 'Fire and Fury' Edition

President Trump warns North Korea not to “make any more threats to the United States” with its pursuit of a nuclear weapon. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announces a new crackdown on press leaks. And the Russia investigation heats up with a grand jury and a pre-dawn raid. Plus, a big thank-you to our listeners for their Twitter love last week. Check out our Twitter moment of your fabulous cocktail suggestions! And we give out some mugs.


Rational Security: The "Send in the Adults" Edition

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly takes charge at the White House. Republican senators come to the defense of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. And President Trump finds himself personally entangled in the controversy over a meeting with Russians in Trump Tower. Plus, #BabyCannon has a new sibling. And Tamara is giving away mugs.

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