Elizabeth McElvein

Elizabeth McElvein was formerly a research assistant in the Governance Studies Program at the Brookings Institution. She is a graduate of Scripps College, where she majored in politics, international relations, and French.

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Campaign 2016

Public Opinion on National Security: A Big Factor in Voter Attitudes

Americans’ sense of the importance of national security in this election has remained notably steady over the past few months. And so long as national security remains an issue of paramount concern to voters, the candidates’ qualifications to serve as Commander in Chief will be a focal point in the general election.  

Campaign 2016

Public Opinion on National Security: A First Installment

Ben has asked me to keep track of public opinion data related to national security on the benefit of Lawfare readers. There are relatively few polls on national security issues specifically, but questions on matters of concern to this readership show up in more general polls all the time. I’ll try to flag them when they do.

Here are two recent examples: